Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Music flashbacks

I love music. It's not a secret. I love to sing (alone) in the car. I love to sing (alone) at home. I love to worship (alone and together). I always have. When I was in junior and high school, it's how I survived days that were so long. And in college, it brought me together with people I'm still friends with today. I love that when I worship, things come into clarity. I love that when I sing praises to God, somehow I'm free. Free to love better. Free to live better. Simply free. Breakthrough happens in my life when I worship. And worshipping God is so important to me.
I began thinking about the music that I "grew up" listening to. Songs that made such an impact on my young life. I'm so thankful that even though things were not perfect at home, I was always in a church. So thankful that I was involved in youth group. So I've done some youtube research and have listened to some "old" music lately. And thanks to iTunes I've been able to download some albums and have a blast getting reacquainted with some of my favorite music. So here are some links to some of my favorite songs/artists from "back in my day." Enjoy. And please leave comments on some  music that you listen to for worship/fun. I would love to find more music to add to my collection.

These are only a few of the many songs that I have brought back into my life.
Didn't want to overload the blog.

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