Thursday, January 19, 2012

A sweet, sweet surprise

Thursday, January 19th, began as a regular day. I took Tay to school and headed back to the house to wait on the men with Tay's new bedroom furniture. Around 12:15, I got a phone call from Dr. Hill asking me to come and get Trey from the doctor office. He was there with his mom for her weekly checkup. She was being sent to the hospital to be monitored. We picked up Tay and Anns from school. We waited around the house for an hour. Then I got another phone call- Ella would be making her debut around 5:00 that evening. We were not excepting to have a baby until Monday. So now that she was coming four days early, all the last minute details were not done. Oh well, Ella was coming and that's all that matters. We headed to the hospital. My mom met us there and sat with the kids while I went into the operating room. Everything went really well. Ella and her mom both did great. So thankful that I had the privilege of being there when Trey and Ella made their grand entrance into this world. It was a very special moment for me. I had to clock into work shortly after Ella was born. But I got to give her her first bath. And got to see her in the nursery. She's breathtakingly beautiful. So sweet.
him in his big brother shirt 
the last picture of us before there's another baby 
Trey and his mom-Marquita 
first look at his baby sister 
not sure what to thank 
so protective 
my Goddaughter and I 
Ellaleese Samontee- 7lbs 13oz 19 1/2in 
checking on Ella 
lots of hair 
Anns and I 
Tay and I

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