Sunday, February 5, 2012

February 1-5

February 1- The weather is simply perfect. Bright sunshine. Big, white clouds. A slight breeze. Perfect. After school, we rode bikes and fed the catfish at the lake. It was a great glimpse into what our summer will most likely look like.
I stopped and got Tay a donut for breakfast.-just a special surprise
He LOVED it!
Perfect weather
Mittens decided to nap with Tay
bike riding around the lake
even I joined in
beautiful sunset
looking at the fish

After we came inside Tay accidentally pushed my camera off the counter and it broke the flash. I will have to send it off to be fixed. It's ok, it's just a camera.

February 2- I took Tay to have breakfast at Cracker Barrel. It's not something we do often and it was a nice treat for the week. I dropped him off at school and ran a few errands. It was a afternoon of homework and more bike riding.
his new swimsuit came in and he wanted to try it on 
breakfast of champions 
a little pick me up for me 
waiting to get the oil changed 
homework time
bracelets made from women in the Philippines

February 3- Another day of school work and picking up Anns. Then I headed back to work.
such a cutie 
really needed to clean out my purse

February 4- I slept most of the day. I got up in time to meet some family for dinner. My aunt from Memphis was in town and I was happy to be able to meet them before work.
my Aunt Carol and I 
my grandmother and I

February 5- I had some friends coming to a church service at another friend's church, so I went there today. After church we went to Buffalo Wild Wings. I met my brother and sister-n-law there and we watched the first quarter of the Super Bowl. I loved the atmosphere of everyone pulling for different teams.
Bethany and I

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