Friday, February 10, 2012

February 6-10

February 6- Monday is always a big school day for us. I usually try to do several lessons on Monday and Friday because he goes to preschool the other days. So school work started our Monday off with a bang. We both took a nap before getting Anns. Successful day to me.
lots of learning to do

February- I met my parents at the hospital to be with my mom while she got another stent. She had a blockage in one of her stents, so they fixed it. It was a lot of waiting. I went home for a nap before work that night. She got to go home and is doing a lot better.
her monitor

February 8- Just a regular Wednesday. Tay and Anns went to school. I napped before going to get them. Homework, naps, and snacks before I left and headed back to work.

February 9- I had a rough night at work. I also needed to meet someone to pick up a gift, so Tay and I went to Shipley's for breakfast before school. It was so good. I took a small nap. I went to visit my friend Holly that has recently just had surgery. She is doing so good!! After getting kids, no one wanted to nap. Except me. So we got up early and just played. The kids tried to get the dog to do some tricks. She wasn't very interested. I met Sade' and Hannah at Chili's for supper. I love getting together with friends. I'm ready for our next girls night out.
chocolate donut AND chocolate milk- good thing he was headed to school 
Sade', Hannah, and I

February 10- Tay and I did schoolwork and played until we met his mom and Jametra at BWW for lunch. Then Tay left with his mom and I went and watched The Vow. It wasn't as good as I had hoped. I made a run to Walmart and headed home. Once again, I was home before 7 on a Friday night. Alone. Welcome to my exciting life.

we both needed crowns

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