Sunday, March 4, 2012

Dream come true

So I have been planning for a while to see Chonda Pierce in concert at some point this year. I had been planning on taking some time off work for another reason, but when that got cancelled, I took the chance to see Chonda a lot. And I mean a lot. I spent two weekends in a row with her. I did "work" some. I happen to love doing that kind of thing, so it didn't seem like work/helping out. It was great to hang out with Chonda, Sandy, Cynthia, Warren, and Doug. She was in concert with Natalie Grant both weekends, so it was a double blessing. I mean, really, Chonda Pierce and Natalie Grant on the same night. Who wouldn't go? So here are some details from the first weekend:

March 1- After I took Tay to school, I drove to Jackson, MS to meet up with everyone. I got there in time to help set everything up and Cynthia and I ran to T.J. Maxx. It's her favorite store. EVER! We came back and I went and found Kelsey and the girls. I have been friends with Kelsey for a while, yet this is our first time to meet in person. I was so thankful for this opportunity to be able to meet her. Once the doors opened, I worked with Cynthia at the merch table. After intermission, I sat inside for Chonda to come out. I tried to leave after her opening song, yet she "caught" me, and I stayed for the remainder of her show. I love hearing her "share" stories and making everyone laugh so much. After we got everything packed up and loaded back on the bus, I headed home.
got my music all ready to go
the set up
Natalie Grant and her band 
Warren Barfield 
Doug- he traveled with Warren
They help Food for the Hungry- love his apron
Amber- a new friend that sat beside to watch Chonda

March 2- I hadn't planned on going to the show tonight because of schedules and where it was supposed to be. I spent the day with Tay. We did some shopping and got Anns from school. I went home that night to rest up for the rest of the weekend.
They celebrated Dr. Seuss day at his school

March 3- The show was in Pascagoula, MS. I spent most of the day doing some birthday planning for the next day. It was really fun. But, then again, I like that sort of thing. The show went well and it was time to move on to the next city.
a Pinterest idea coming to life 
weather was looking rough 
I should have bought this at Target 
the bakery that made me a last minute cake
Warren on stage 
We asked one of the volunteers to help us out by modeling some of the merch. Isn't she just cute?
Now, onto Fairhope, AL.

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