Monday, March 5, 2012

Happy Birthday Chonda!

March 4- I slept in at the hotel. I picked up Cynthia so we could get a few last minute things. We did a little shopping at some really cute places about 20 min from the church. We were trying to find a certain gift, but never could. We came back to the church to set up. I decorated for Chonda's birthday. I tried to get every place that she would be at: her dressing room, the meet and greet room, the merch stand, and even the bus! A lady walks by and she was carrying the type of gift we had been searching for. We asked her where she got it, and she said she sells them at her store. This sweet woman went to her shop and got some things that we could buy for Chonda. The Lord already knew! We were beyond thrilled. The show was fun and after Chonda's time on stage, Natalie and Warren brought out her cake and everyone sang Happy Birthday. We had wanted to go out to dinner afterwards, but everything was closed. So we drove an hour away to be able to sit and eat together. It was so worth it.
some great fro yo while waiting on a store to open 
my job here is DONE! 
The Merch Girl- Cynthia
Warren and Doug 
My friend Kelsey
Chonda walking into meet and greet 
Doug signing her card 
Chonda doing her thang 
Happy Birthday 
priceless reaction 
"tasting" the cake 
Chonda and I 
Cynthia and I 
Sandy and I

I had WAY too much fun this weekend. I loved every minute. So thankful that I could be with these great friends.

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