Monday, March 12, 2012

Lots of Friends and Graceland

March 11- Chonda's manager, Mr. T, was taking the group to Graceland during the morning before the show that night. He graciously invited me along. I must say that Cynthia's excitement made up for the fact that it was too early to be awake. She jumped up and down and squealed. So funny. But, I was so happy that she was so happy. We made it there and everyone went through the house as a group. Then we split up and did our own things. Basically, Chonda and Cynthia shopped. Sandy and I saw the "attractions". It really was neat to see all the things about Elvis. I didn't know a whole lot about him before going to Graceland. We headed back to the church. I got someone to take me back to the hotel for my car once we set things up. Since we were in Memphis, I went by Bahama Breeze and got some food to go. Yummy. So good. I had some friends coming from Tupelo to see the concert as well as my friend Kaylynn that came from KY. And Pam drove up as well. So it was a big night for seeing my friends and sharing my love of Chonda. It was a lot of fun. Chonda even wore her new Elvis shirt. After the concert, it was sad to be saying goodbye to everyone. I loved EVERY second of the past two weekends.
with her ticket 
not sure about her facial expression here 
We are here 
so typical of these two 
love them 
the house
very handsome 
really like this picture 
this monkey makes me laugh 
green shag carpet 
Jungle room 
I remember having a swing set like this one 
In Tupelo, MS 
Deep in thought 
probably the only movie I've seen with Elvis in it 
wow at all the awards 
airplane seats 
24 carat seatbelts
Sandy and I 
I really like this car 
Pink Cadillac
gas pump 
my friend Hannah, her family, and CHONDA! 
the beautiful Natalie Grant 
sanging her heart out 
Chonda in her Elvis shirt 
Kaylynn and I 
Pam and I 
Pam and Kaylynn- two great friends

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