Sunday, March 11, 2012

Busy Weekend

March 9- We got into Shreveport, LA around 8:30 am. We had to wait for our room to get ready. I wanted to see some of my family while I was in town, so I got ready and went to my aunt's house for a little while. I got to see my aunt, two uncles, and some cousins while I had some free time. I picked up Misty and we went to the church for set up and the concert. I stepped inside for some of the concert. Natalie Grant brought me to tears! The woman can sing! I was having an emotional day/night and her music just reached parts of my heart. Then Chonda gets up there and I end up crying during her show as well. I also signed up to adopt a child from Food for the Hungry. I'm excited about starting this relationship with my sponsored little boy. Misty and I headed back to the hotel for some much need rest.
Misty and I HAD to stop here on the way to the church 
my new little boy
Natalie and her band 
Misty, Cynthia, and I 
Cynthia and a really sweet baby

March 10- I may have "overslept" a little bit. Okay, I did. I quickly got showered and dressed. I hit the road for the long drive to Decatur, AL. The weather ended up being incredible and it was a nice drive. I actually love long road trips alone. Sometimes. I simply blast the music and have some time with Jesus. It's a win win situation. I got into Decatur and headed straight for the church. My friend Pam drove up from Tampa for the show. Loved seeing her.
Pam and I 
The Chonda Tote 
Dougie boy

It was a fun time seeing people I haven't seen in a long time. Now, it was time to head to Memphis.

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