Sunday, April 1, 2012

Blast of Birthdays

March 31- Both Anns and Tay had their birthday parties today. Tay had his is in the morning and Anns's was in the afternoon. Both had the inflatable jumpers, cake, and icecream. I went early to help set up and to take pictures. I stayed through lunch and help get ready for Anns's party. It was a fun day. Honestly can't believe how big they are getting.
big birthday boy 
acting like a monkey 
sliding down 
cake and cupcakes 
time to blow out the candles
the playhouse where we opened presents
lots of fun gifts 
new bug collector hat 
even his mom got on the slide

Anns's party began that afternoon and there were little girls running EVERYWHERE!
carrying her presents 
with her matching doll 
sliding fun 
stop for sunscreen 
got it made in the shade 
time for cake 
build a bear 
sweet moment with her great-grandmother 
their dad some slide time as well

I even went down it as well. ONCE! and happy there are no pictures of that.
It was a full and long day. So happy to be able to celebrate with this family.
My grandmother's birthday is also today. I will miss her tonight because of work.
Happy Birthday MamaDean.

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