Thursday, April 5, 2012

April 1-5

April 1- I met my grandparents for lunch to celebrate my grandmother's birthday. It was just the three of us. Just like when I was a little girl. We had lunch and I stayed at their house for a little while. I ended up going to visit my other grandparents while I was in town as well. I helped my grandmother get on FB. Now, she won't get off. HA! It was a day full of grandparent love and I am so thankful for them.
MamaDean and I 
my Nanny posing for her FB profile picture

April 2- Anns had a doctors appointment out of town, so I was home with Tay. We did schoolwork, played, and napped. That sums up the day.
his is getting so much better at writing

April 3- I ran several errands throughout the day before getting kids that afternoon. I met their mom at the salon where Anns was getting a haircut. Then I went home for a nap before work.
so yummy 
he wouldn't let go of one of his birthday gifts 
after school snack at Tutti Frutti

April 4- I took a nap and did some laundry. Naps and homework after school. We exchanged gifts with secret pals at work. I got a copy of Loving by Karen Kingsbury. I have read it on my Nook, but I will always buy a copy of Karen's books. It was a great gift for me.
boy clothes 
nap time 
a must read 
and my favorite candy

April 5- Go day! Well, not for me. But the kids and their parents are headed to Disney! Their birthday are this weekend and they are out of school for 4 days, so they are going to FL. The kids only found out about it last night. They are excited. So I will be dog/cat/fish sitting this weekend. Bring on the peace and quiet! I did go get Ella from my mom. She is so sweet. After taking her home and surviving a thunderstorm, I got settled in for a night of reading and relaxing.
all packed and ready to go 
can I leave yet?
smiley girl 
this onesie is so true! 
sleepy head 
storm rolling in 
and sunshine after the rain 
my reading list for the night

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