Sunday, May 6, 2012

First week in May

May 1- So the kids got a new puppy over the weekend. Tay loves her. Tay went to school. I had to go by the hospital to get some blood work done. I had to start a special diet for my surgery so I had to hit the Walmart as well. After school, Anns climbed in my lap to read her AR book. She hasn't done that in a while. Absolutely love those moments with her.
Tay and Maggie. My favorite is the one where he is riding her in the tractor. 
blood work- check 
doesn't this look yummy

May 2- I napped while kids were in school. We had a good afternoon and it was back to work for me.
Anns made this at school 
stormy weather 
proof that I held Maggie

May3- Trey had his end of the year party for school. He got his certificate from head start and is now a Kindergartner. UGH- he's growing to fast. I went to his party and then picked up Tay and Anns. After school and naptime, we spent the afternoon outside. We even went to chick-fil-a for dinner. We played outside for a while after dinner and then headed for baths and bedtime. I love snuggling in the bed to read and say prayers with them. So sweet.
with some of his classmates 
me and Ella 
big smile 
having fun 
getting his certificate 
so proud 
Marquita (his mom) and I 
with his teachers 
please stand still 
Ella decided it was more important to sleep
one tired boy 
playing in the sand 
making mud 
cartwheels, sand, and shades 
drink and cookies 
backyard dancing 
cute pajama clad kids

May 4- Tay and I ran some errands in the morning. We just spent the day hanging out. I upgraded my phone- FINALLY! I went to celebrate Hannah's birthday. Can't believe she's 17. Love that girl so much.
lunch at Sam's Club 
my lunch 
silly kiddos
birthday gifts 
very silly teenagers 
love her!

May 5- I had Trey and Ella for the day. We mostly stayed at home. We painted, made cupcakes, and watched a movie. After they left, I went to have dinner with some family. Then I went to work on decorating for a birthday party.
painting his name 
smiley baby 
what are you doing 
licking the batter 
acting goofy 
be still my heart

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