Monday, May 7, 2012

50th Birthday Party

May 6th- My mom turns 50 on May 9th. This year I was asked to plan/host her a birthday party. Her only "request" was no black or over the hill themes. So I went with a rainbow theme. I sent out some invitations to family that live out of town. I used Facebook to invite everyone else. My uncle (her brother) that lives in Virgina was able to make the trip for the weekend. I LOVED getting to see him. It just wasn't long enough. The party was fun and went great.
my best friend and "helper" Jametra
my grandparents cut out and painted these letters 
I dug through some photos and covered the 50 
rainbow cupcakes- I used a cutter to cut out the flower and faces.
Jametra hot clued them to lollipop sticks. The numbers are foam stickers.
rainbow fruit skewers 
more cupcakes 
more skewers 
chocolate covered strawberries 
the candles and circles are fondant
inside the cake
desert table 
drink table 
food table
croissant sandwiches, chips and dip, pigs in a blanket, pasta salad 
birthday girl 
babies were everywhere 
Tina and Aunt Dina 
Tammy, Tina, Taylor 
Camille and AK 
some lanterns I hung from the ceiling 
PawPaw (her dad) and Tina 
Tina and Beverly- her best friend 
my uncle entertaining Ella 
Randall, Lynn, Tina, Earnest, Dorothy- first family picture in years 
Tina and Randall 
my grandparents and Trey 
my uncle put Trey to work 
all of my grandparents 
their grandkids 
me with my Uncle Randall 
my sister-n-law, brother, dad, mom, and me

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