Wednesday, June 20, 2012

6 week post op

I can hardly believe that it's been six weeks since my surgery. I have noticed a change in my weight loss as I've added food back in. They call it the six week slump. Apparently my body is storing fat again because its afraid I may never feed it again. The nutritionist told me I wasn't eating enough. Me not eating enough? Those words are foreign to me. I need to consume 200-400 MORE calories a day and add more carbs. Who knew? Otherwise, I'm doing good. Still trying to get in all my water for the day. It's harder than you can imagine. I have been released to full activity, which is nice. I'm still working on balancing food/water/gym time now that I'm back to both jobs. All in all, I'm doing really well. Thanks so much for the encouragement and prayers. Oh, by the way, I've lost 46 pounds so far.
this is a new dress that my grandparents bought for me- it's a size smaller!
I love the detail on the top

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