Friday, June 22, 2012

June 18-22

June 18- Since I worked on Sunday night, I was not keeping kids today. They were hanging out with their dad. I went to the gym after work and headed straight home to bed. Then it was back to work.
my friend Anna is raising $30,000 in 30 days for her 30th birthday and her story was in our local paper 
just a girl at the gym
June 19- The kids and I are trying to keep up some skills from school during the summer. We work on it in the morning, so that we have the afternoons free to play. Today we went to the bowling alley. They love going and its fun. On Wednesday they have a special, so it's not too expensive for us to play a few games. That night, we had a baby shower for Casey and baby Wesley. It was fun to get together with everyone and to see all the cute baby items.
letters and numbers 
counting money 
bowling alley 
big bowler 
doing it on her own
June 20- We went to my friend Hannah's house to swim for the day. It a lot of fun. But anytime you give me sunshine, water, music, and lunch it makes for a great day for me.
made a stop at Starbucks on our way 
Hannah and Anns 
Tay and I (with Hannah) 
with Anns 
two worn out kiddos
June 21- Anns had an appointment to get tested for the gifted program at her school. After her appointment, we went to the mall for lunch and to play in the play area. That night, it was back to work for me.
looking all cute 
ready to tag along 
looking at a yearbook 
waiting entertainment 
play area 
sitting in the belly of a bear
June 22- We had a pajama day at home. We made pancakes from scratch, watched a couple of movies, and just lounged at home. It was a nice break in our always on the go pace.
helping mix the batter 
cracking eggs-love the bed head look on both kids
not to bad if I do say so myself 
yummy breakfast 
love these kids 
with Sarah 
comfy on the couch

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