Monday, June 18, 2012

Weekend Recap

June 16th- I hit the gym bright and early. You know, around 10am. Then I had to get a couple of birthday presents. I met Jametra to have lunch. We ate at Red Lobster. I had a kids meal and didn't eat all of it. I went to my friends two sons birthday party. I had a good time.
Sean and I 
the kids in the pool 
Gabby needed a drink 
two tables 
Hannah and I 
Landen's cake/cupcakes 
Sean's cake/cupcakes
Landen and I

June 17th- I had debated on wearing a new dress to church. I got a dress that I really like in a smaller size, yet I was worried that it was too small for right now. I braced myself and wore it anyway. Church was great. I had lunch with family at my grandmother's house. I took a nap before going to work.
new dress, new shoes 

my friend Morgan

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