Saturday, June 16, 2012

VBS Week 2

This week this kids had VBS at their church. Anns also did a music camp right after VBS unti the afternoon. It was a lot of dropping off and picking up this week.
June 11th- After dropping the kids off, I headed to the gym. I had gotten a pretty good routine going, so I wanted to keep at it. I then picked up Ella so she could stay the day with us. We got Tay from VBS and came home for lunch. We picked up Anns, then it was naptime for everyone. I took Ella to see my parents before taking her back to her mom.
kids before VBS
gym time 
Ella was so content 
weighing turkey meat for the week 
someone else got hungry 
getting so big 
being very silly 
love the look on his face 
silly PawPaw T and Mimi 
loves to jump up and down 
and eat popsicles while watching tv

June 12th- Another morning drop off and gym time. Tay and I played at home until getting Anns. I went back to work that night. My first night in five weeks. And boy, I could tell the difference. I got through the night pretty good.
Mandisa shirt and music gave me inspiration to go to the gym- I would have rather been in the bed. 
Tay found his monkey and was so happy

June 13th- After getting Tay from VBS, we met my grandparents at Cracker Barrell for lunch. Then we got Anns and headed home for naps. We had some lack of communication issues and I ended up taking Anns back to church really early. Since she didn't have to be there, she came home with me while I got ready for work. Then I took her back to church for the service that night. It was back to work that night for me.
rocking outside of CB 
we played a game of checkers 
my grandparents shared desert- still really sweet 
one tired girl

June 14th- Another typical (this week) morning. A neighbor came to play with Tay while we waited out the time before getting Anns. I had dinner with a friend from work and her mom. They wanted to discuss the details of surgery. I was more than happy to meet them. We had a great time. Love being able to laugh and talk with friends.
look at Maggie trying to drink out of their bucket 
mud pie making 
working hard 
all three dogs 
helping with laundry 
headed to dinner

June 15th- Last morning of VBS. The kids loved it once again. It was a different theme from the week before. After getting Anns, we headed to the theater to see Madagascar 3. We all loved it. Great movie. I met my SIL for dinner and a movie that night. We saw Rock of Ages. I didn't like it. At all. Maybe it was just me. It was still a fun night.
holding a growing Maggie 
last day picture 
with my SIL

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