Saturday, July 7, 2012

July 1-6

July 1- I spent the day going to church, catching up on sleep, and heading to work. You know, typical Sunday stuff.

July 2- I had a dr appointment so Hannah came and stayed with the kids for a little while. They love having her and Hollie come over. That evening, it was back to work for me.
love these kids so much!

July 3- I took the kids to the Buffalo park. They love getting to see the animals. It was hot and muggy outside. Do you think it bothered them at all? Nope they had a blast.
ready for the bus tour 
one HUGE giraffe 
zebra sighting 
feeding the buffalo 
Oscar the monkey 
they finally came out to play 
feeding goats 
this horse did not move from the fans- it was hilarious
we had a fun time and will come again

July 4- The kids went to Nana's for the week. I went to work day shift (shock) for 8 hours. It wasn't bad at all. But I'm still a night time girl. After work, I made the loop to see my grandparents and my great-grandmother. It was a good afternoon.
Happy 4th of July. I'm so grateful to live in a nation of freedom. I know that my freedom comes with a price that other people pay for everyday. I will forever be thankful for the ultimate sacrifice that Jesus paid on the Cross so that I may be free indeed. It's a sacrifice I don't deserve, yet He paid it just for me.
decided she wanted some ribs for the holiday. Must have been good- this was at 9:00 in the morning
my Granny- my great-grandmother 
me with my Pawpaw 
with my MamaDean

July 5th- I didn't do much of anything except pack for a week at the beach. I had to work that night and wanted to get as much done as I could.

July 6- After work, I came home to sleep. Even on days when I work back to back, I am not able to sleep all day. But I am able to lay in bed reading when I can't sleep. So rest was all I did Friday. And it was glorious.
the weather was perfect for sleeping

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