Sunday, July 15, 2012

Tybee Island, GA

My second family was having a small family get together in Tybee Island, GA. I jumped at the chance to get to go and help out with the little kids. Here's my week in pictures:
July 7th- Hannah, Mom, and I left bright and early (around 8) to head to Tybee Island. Hannah drove until Birmingham, then I took over and drove the rest of the way. It was quite comical. Mom makes me laugh so hard. It was a very easy drive. When we arrived, it was so good to see everyone again. We unloaded and chilled for a little while. We went to dinner at The Crab Shack. It was really great food. I was able to eat a little bit of it all. After dropping everyone at the house, four of us went to Kroger to get a few things for the week.
Hannah and I getting ready to GO! 
a walk up Chick-Fil-A 
her lets stop for the bathroom face 
much happier 
Mom read her atlas- I think she was afraid I was going to get lost 
waiting at the draw bridge 
playing outside with the kids
supper time 
Hannah and Hadleigh 
my shrimp
she got a platter of tons of different foods

July 8th- After waking up earlier than I thought I would, it was beach time! It was practically empty. No one was nearby. Almost like having the beach to ourselves. It was pretty great. Hello water, sand, sunshine, and a breeze. Hannah and I stayed at the beach while everyone else went in for lunch. We came back, ate lunch, and took naps. Naptime at the beach is always delightful. We hung out at home. Tony made hamburgers for supper. We took a sunset walk at the beach. We came back to play a game called Headbandz. It was a lot of fun. I'm going to have to buy one now.
had to walk over the turtle pond 
Hannah getting buried in the sand 
getting some sun 
love her 
toes in the sand
Mom napping 
I heard someone yelling for her mommy and told her to come get in the bed with me 
then we had a visitor 
turtle pond again 
sunset on the beach 
love this picture- God's creation at its best 
headbandz game 
we are....

July 9th- Another early morning. I took my protein drink outside to simply sit in the morning air. We headed back to the beach. After lunch, us girls went and got pedicures/manicures. Then Hannah, Hadleigh, and I did a little sight seeing. It was good to get out and about a little bit. For supper, they ordered pizza. I heard it was really good. After supper, we took a walk around the area. You know, run off some energy of some certain four little girls. We waited up for Ken, Amanda, and Hollie to arrive. I was so HAPPY to see them!
sign on the porch
beach morning
me with two of the girls 
my trusty gps 
Mom enjoying her pedicure 
got the deluxe creme 
even had cute little chairs for little girls 
wine glass 
boat of shells 
a pineapple smoothie- it wasn't very smooth
enjoying some icecream 
local stores 
cute little buildings
she enjoyed her dessert 
evening walk
hot tub fun 
hard to see- Hollie and I in bed 
the view from our bed

July 10th- Amanda and I got up extremely EARLY and headed to the beach ALONE! Loved getting there early and having that time to talk with her. Everyone else joined us. After lunch Hannah, Hollie, and I did some exploring. We went to the pier and around the island. We also made a trip to Walmart and Sonic- typical us. Tony and Lee made sushi at the house. It was so delicious. That evening, everyone expect the little girls, Mom, and I went to a ghost tour in Savannah. The girls and I walked to a park to play before baths and bedtime. When the younger ones were down, Hadleigh and I watched a movie. It was a perfect night.
us on the beach
got to put her toes in the water 
picture taking 
standing in the Atlantic Ocean 
bright sun 
girls loving the beach 
us at the pier 
local icecream shop
a very crowed beach at the pier 
THE pier where The Last Song was filmed 
this lady was asleep 
yummy icecream 
isn't she precious 
yogurt eating champ 
Riley and I 
playing matches 
another round of headbandz 
Lila is so adorable
park and baths

July 11th- Another gorgeous morning on the beach. We had fun soaking up the rays, playing in the sand, and riding the waves. We went in for lunch and naps. While the girls napped, some of us came back to the beach. We had dinner out at The Crab Shack again. Delicious. We played Phase 10 for a while that evening. 
snacks for sisters
Hannah getting her tan on
in her happy place
sand, sand, and more sand
loving her snacks
just me
Hannah and I
Hollie and I
Amanda and I
Hadleigh and I
the best sisters a girl could ask for
I wanted the flamingo cup
Hannah wanted the flamingo and the monkey cups
have a nice tan going on
Hollie and Hadleigh
my favorite card game
found these pictures on my phone...
quite scary...
and disturbing

July 12- Hollie, 3 of the little girls, and I hit the beach again. Some people went out that morning and the guys left at lunch to go deep sea fishing. After naps, the girls and I played in the house. We cooked there for supper. Cooked fish the guys caught. Had some steaks, chicken, and gumbo as well. It was a nice evening at the house.
the beach set up 
sweet sisters digging for shells 
found lots and lots of shells 
she was so proud 
during naptime I chose to relax in the hot tub 
dance party 
making napkin pictures 
ready for a movie 
with popcorn 
sweet little girls 
they were counting while Hollie hid 
searching everywhere 
found her 
perfect hiding spot 
giggly girls 
Hollie and I 
Tony getting a back and foot rub 
only Hannah and I...

July 13- We got up early to take family pictures on the beach. It went really well, even though it rained some while we were out there. Hannah, Hollie, Hadleigh, Amanda, Ken, and I went to see the lighthouse on Tybee Island. We dropped Amanda and Hannah off at the house and went to do some more sight seeing. We ate at a local place for dinner. We went to the pier to have icecream afterwards. Sarah, Hannah, and I went to a night tour in Savannah. Our guide was hilarious!! It was a fun last day.
big family picture 
my absolute favorite 
family forever 
the fab 5 
still love these girls 
not sure who took this picture, but I happen to like it 
I think this is the only picture I have of just Mom and I. I will always treasure it.
at the entrance of the lighthouse
at the top- can't believe I made it to the top 
the wind was BLOWING 
you could see forever 
view from below 
inside the light keeper's house 
old sewing machine 
old toys 
neat couch 
island information 
girl scout display 
sisters for life 
full view of lighthouse
Hadleigh getting her first henna 
Hollie's choice 
my dinner 
had to have a henna too 
on the tour 

July 14- We got up and loaded vehicles early. We were on the road by 9. Hannah, Hollie, and I rode together on the way back. We stopped in ATL to eat. We were ready to be home. It was fun having that time with them. Love them girls so much!
not really sure what on earth is going on 
yeah, I'm cool 
had to make a pit stop for the addicts I had in the car 
happy to not be driving anymore

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