Saturday, September 15, 2012

September 10- 15

September 10- Tay and I spent the day at home. I had to wait on the new cleaning service to come by. Then it was carpool, homework, and swim team.
he loves when he gets to play the ipad 
love this girl
September 11- I can still remember being in high school when we found out about the terrorist attacks. We gathered in the sanctuary and watched the news on tv. A day that has changed America forever. Never will we forget.
Today was a tough day for us. Through all the normal routine things that happen, the family I nanny for had to put their beloved dog Sarah down. She was hurting a lot and very miserable. It was tough watching the kids find out and try to process the information. Lots of tears were shed. It will be different around their house now.
so very tired 
my favorite yogurt 
one quick and delicious dessert
September 12- It's another day in the neighborhood, another day in the neighborhood.... Or at least it seems that way to me. We have a pretty tight schedule and hardly go against the flow. So today was filled with kids, homework, swim practice, playground, and church.
beautiful sunrise on the way to work
rose sent from the animal hospital
playground buddies
his favorite slide
practicing with the board
love this girl
September 13- Happy Birthday to my cousin Brittany. I'm so thankful for her. I spent the morning at the house catching up on some things. It was a very quiet filled morning. Just what I needed. The afternoon was packed as usual.
Brittany and I (from this past April)
laundry, Starbucks, The Voice, blogging-fun filled morning
reading machine 
bike riding
September 14- Taylor and I went to the mall for some window shopping. And lunch. That was important to him. I love Fridays, because we get to have naptime. I know, it's lame. But it's helpful when I have to work again that night.
love holding his hand, his favorite chicken, play area, the boy LOVES frozen yogurt, and I LOVE red velvet cupcakes
September 15- I spent the day at home in the bed. So nothing exciting to report. Except that I got some rest.

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