Friday, September 21, 2012

September 17- 21

September 17- It was a very rainy Monday. Taylor and I stayed home for the day. Then it was pick up time for Annsley. Another afternoon of homework. But, no swim practice!
he loves getting to play on the ipad 
the water collecting in the yard 
nothing like playing with trains 
needed a pick me up for the carpool line 
dress up 
cuddle bug
September 18- School. Workout. Pickup. Homework. Swim practice. Work. A very typical day around here.
it was hat day at school-love all these faces 
workout view 
September 19- Another day of regular activities around here.
this is a cute picture from school drop off
September 20- Taylor and I went and had donuts for breakfast. He loves those mornings. And seeing him smile brightens my day. That afternoon, we played outside for a while. Then I went to stay with Hollie for a little while.
milk does a body good 
not enough chocolate 
bike riding fun 
fresh out of the shower
September 21- My day started out with a flat tire. UGH! Taylor and I went to get it fixed and run some errands. We met Jametra and Sade' for lunch. Sushi for everyone. After getting Anns from school, we got ready to go to the ballgame. It was homecoming and the kids went with me. It was very fun.
not a fun way to begin the day 
with Sade'- miss this girl 
with Anns at the game 
got all dressed up 
his pass time 
what game isn't complete without fireworks 
Hollie and Anns 
big flower

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