Thursday, October 18, 2012

Pumpkin Patch #1

October 18- Today, Taylor's class went to the pumpkin patch. And I tagged along. The kids all had a great time. It's so sweet to see him interact with his friends.
tried getting a cute picture of him and his shirt 
his class 
running around  
sweet boys 
green pumpkins 
finding a pumpkin in a large box 
white pumpkins 
watching a lady make kettle popcorn 
stir, stir, stir 
want a bite? 
the groups from the school 
his class 
tired of smiling 
little sister to a boy in Taylor's class 
this face says it all 
had to ride with the girls 
so ready to ride the train 
having fun 
silly boys 
deep in thought 
feeding animals 
asked the deer if he liked the food 
natural look 
say cheese 
with a friend 
milking a cow 
found the perfect pumpkin 
a little green, a little orange 
it's getting heavy 
we had a fun day

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