Saturday, October 20, 2012

Pumpkin Patch #2

October 20- After getting my new car and going to the mall, we set out for the pumpkin patch. Annsley, Taylor, Trey, Ella, me, my mom, and Dr. Hill all went. We even all rode in my new car. I love the pumpkin patch at Holley Farms. There is a lot for the kids to do and it is a lot of fun.

all four kiddos 
the Hill crew 
sweet baby 
climbing the hill 
pumping water 
riding the train with Mimi 
Taylor and I racing down the slide 
me and the kids sliding down the slides 
with Ella 
Anns and Trey racing 
playing in the corn 
love this girl 
isn't she just cute 

Trey shooting corn into the field  
Taylor's turn 

even Anns shot corn 
Holly almost attempted it 
not sure about the driving age at the pumpkin patch 
saw some friends 
big pumpkins
so happy that we all enjoyed ourselves so much

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