Friday, October 26, 2012

Senior Night

Hannah's a SENIOR in high school. How in the world that happened, I'm not quite sure. She is co-captain of the cheer team. She works a job after school. She is a great friend, sister, and daughter. I'm very proud of her.

Tonight was her final home game and it was senior night. So I traded with someone at work so that I could attend. It went really well and we even won the game. Then a lot of kids came over to their house for a bon fire. It was a lot of fun.

we ran into Hollie walking out 
proud parents 
love this girl 
my favorite sisters 
cried while putting on her corsage 
Hollie presented Hannah with flowers 
Hannah's senior banner 
walking onto the field 
Senior 2013 
the cheerleaders and the mascot 
reading letters that friends wrote to her 
Hollie on the dance team 

love the pink pom poms 
her angry bird face 
Hannah and Matthew

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