Friday, October 26, 2012

October 22-26

October 22- Taylor and I did a grocery run at Walmart. We also ran into Hobby Lobby. I needed to make a bow hanger for a baby gift. We came home and he painted and played while I made a cake and worked on the bow hanger. It really was a fun morning at home. We got Anns from school and the routine of the afternoon began. Nothing unusual to report around here.
really want Ella something made out of this
painting a picture 
attack of the sea creatures 
it may bite 
the bow hanger 
love the display in my truck 
seeing the light shine through 
was cleaning out and found this picture of us about 8-9 years ago 
my friend Berea and I at BMC- 10 years ago
October 23- It was another usual day in my world. Kids off to school, little house work, carpool, homework, swim team.
making new friends 
he said he was going to catch me
October 24- Just another day in the neighborhood.
just me
October 25- I got a phone call saying that Taylor was sick at school and needed to be picked up. He didn't feel well at all. So we headed home for some rest before getting Annsley.
he slept with a bowl next to him in bed
homemade chicken pot pie I made for dinner
October 26- Taylor and I spent the morning laying in bed. He was still not feeling too well. It's hard to keep a four year old boy still. But we managed for a while.
not a great picture, but it works 
he was laying right by my side 
Mickey got us through the morning

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