Friday, November 30, 2012

His Deep Tour

If you know anything about me, you know that I LOVE, absolutely LOVE Mandisa. I am also loving Britt Nicole. I wasn't as familiar with her music as much as Mandisa's. But I am loving her newest album. I play music in the car ALL the time. The kids love music as much as I do. So we play lots of different types of music. I believe in the message that Christian music translates into our lives. Annsley loves Mandisa and Britt Nicole. She sings their songs at the top of her lungs. And Taylor joins in on the sing a long as well. I saw on Twitter that Toby Mac was putting together a tour for a few weeks this fall. He was joining forces with several artists. Including none other than Mandisa and Britt Nicole. Add in Jamie Grace, Group 1 Crew, Brandon Heath, and Chris August. Of course, I wanted to go. Who wouldn't? I looked into the dates and venues. They happen to be coming to Memphis on November 29th, a day when I was not working at the hospital that night. So I looked into the details. I had an idea to ask Annsley's mom if she would care if I took Annsley. She said yes, then later asked me if she could go to. Of course, I said YES! So we made a plan. We didn't tell Anns, we kept it a secret. I picked her up from school and was playing her favorite Britt Nicole song. I casually asked her if she would one day like to see her and Mandisa in a concert. She said yes. I said how about tonight. I explained the concert. She screamed and was so excited. We picked up her mom and headed out. We made it to the church for the last part of the VIP part of the pre-show. We spent some time at the merch tables and eating before the concert began. I absolutely LOVED every minute of this concert. So great. Anns and I danced and sang to every song. At one point, she raised her hands. I can still picture that image in my mind and it brings tears to my eyes to this day. It was a memorable moment that night for me. I love seeing her free in worship. And having fun.
Through Twitter, I found out when Mandisa was signing. We made our way to the table only to find out that it had been moved. But we relocated. We were able to meet Mandisa and Britt Nicole. So fun to watch Anns meet them. I loved seeing Mandisa again. She's a huge inspiration to my life. These artists will never know how much this night meant to me and a special 7 yr old. The pure joy on Annsley's face will forever be in my heart.
Toby Mac in the VIP pre-show 
Anns and I 
mom and daughter 
Jamie Grace 
Bianca from Group 1 Crew 
Group 1 Crew 
Brandon Heath 
Britt Nicole 

Chris August 
dancing- one of my favorite pictures 
meeting Mandisa
me with Mandisa 
isn't she beautiful? 
Annsley and Britt Nicole 
me with Britt Nicole 
Toby Mac 
Eye On It (Toby's new album) 
Toby and Mandisa 

Britt Nicole showing out
two of the most special women in my life- love them so much!

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