Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Pigeon Forge 2012

Every year, the girls at work plan a trip. It's usually a few days where we can just get away.  This year we went back to Pigeon Forge/Gatlinburg, TN. I love the mountains in the fall season. The array of color shows off the Handy work of God. Picture perfect. Seven of us went and had a blast. Or at least I did.

Friday, November 16- A traveling day. We left early that morning and arrived around lunch. Our first stop was at Old Mill restaurant. The food is so incredible. It's "home cooking" at its finest. We went into a few of the shops at the mill. We decided we needed to unload our cars and get a list together for the store. So some of us went shopping and some stayed at the cabin. I had the bright idea to run while they were gone. I had my C25K app and headed off. It was going really well until I made the loop back by our cabin. I got about 3 cabins down from ours and noticed a black shadow on my right. As I got closer, it moved. Then I saw two round, glowing eyes. The black bear was about 3 feet from me. He got up and I turned around. I got up to our cabin and couldn't get the door unlocked. I knocked on the door, and Abby just waved at me. I kept knocking and screaming. Finally, she got up and let me in. I got my phone and camera and went back to try to get a picture of the bear. I didn't get too close. He started coming back toward us and we all ran to the porch. We watched him climb on the back of the neighbor's truck. He eventually went back into the woods. Needless to say, I didn't run anymore my entire trip. When everyone got back, we stayed at the cabin and played cards. It was a low key kind of night.
view from the road
such a great place for lunch 
perfect weather 
Hannah and I 
the kids chicken and dumplins with mac&cheese 
yummy fudge and taffy
view from upstairs 
our big tub 
living room 
the bear 
climbing into the truck
favorite card game
Saturday, November 17- We planned to go shopping before heading to Dollywood. So bright and early, we headed out to the outlet mall. We all split up and conquered the mall. Abby, Amanda, Sam, and I went to lunch at Joe's Crab Shack then headed to Dollywood. I was so EXCITED about Dollywood. The last time I was there I wasn't able to ride any rides because of my weight. It's hard being at an amusement park and not being able to do anything. But this year it was different. I have lost enough weight to be able to fir in the rides. So ride is what my goal was. A new ride Wild Eagle opened and online it looks incredible. I was determined. And I did. We even rode it in the pitch black darkness. So thrilling! We saw a couple of Christmas shows. Ultimately, I had a BLAST!
ready to go 
Sam and I with our coffee choices 
a large wine glass at Kirklands 
just call us shopaholics 
cool buildings 
so pretty 
Amanda and Abby 
I might have told them it was her birthday weekend- she was a hula girl
Abby and I 
Sam and Amanda 
us with the bee from a radio station 
so happy 
waiting in the cold 
Christmas show 
three wise men 
lights everywhere 
THE WILD EAGLE!!! Loved it so much.
our night flight 
perfect picture
all four of us on the Tennessee Tornado
The HOT sign was flashing, so of course we stopped. The drive thru line was backed up in the street. So I hopped out and joined the line that was out the door. I waited. And waited. And waited. But finally, we got our hot donuts. And they were yummy.
Sunday, November 18- Happy Birthday Sam! She turns 30 today. We had a lazy morning in the cabin. We planned to go out later that night. I got up and got settled on the couch with a book. It wasn't long until Amanda came down and asked me to take her to see her nephew and his family (they were staying in Gatlinburg). I didn't stay very long. I headed back to our cabin for more lounging. Later we all went to eat at Crawdaddy's in Gatlingburg. It was very yummy. We laughed, ate, and had a great time.
all cozy with my blanket 
fire going 
view from Lee's condo
Ashley and I 
the entrance to our cabin 

all dressed up
Hannah was ready 
love this chick 
crawfish dip 
Sam and I 
Cindy, Jametra, Sam, myself, Hannah, and Abby 
the karaoke man 
Hannah belting out some tunes 
Sam and I joined some other girls for karaoke 
birthday ice cream cake 
lights in the town 
Monday, November 19- We got up fairly early. We packed the trucks up and headed to the Applebarn for breakfast. No trip to Pigeon Forge is complete without Applebarn. Enough said. We ate and went into the shops before heading home.
all of us
me and Jametra 
OMG so good 
an SEC tree 
wine anyone? 
we made a stop in Birmingham 

so delicious 

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