Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas Eve

I was up bright and early to start my Christmas Eve festivities. Jametra and I went over to her cousin's house to have Christmas with her children. They were excited and trying out everything they got.

I then went to Okolona and got my grandmother dressed and took her and my PawPaw up to my parent's house. We have lunch with my mom's side of the family on Christmas Eve every year. So my aunt, her kids, and all of my family were there. We ate and opened gifts.
my PawPaw and MamaDean 
my moms tree 
with Maddie 
really excited 
love her facial expression 
umm, hello
MamaDean opening gifts
PawPaw got a new microwave 
MamaDean and Maddie 
PawPaw and Maddie
Later that afternoon, we went to Okolona to have Christmas with my dads family. Amanda rode with me and my grandparents. We had to drop them off at their house and get my grandmother settled. Then we headed to my other grandparent's house. They had forgotten to get Amanda a diet drink. So my brother, Amanda, and I jumped in my truck and went to the store. We got chips, drinks, and egg nog. Timothy pulled into a firework stand and spend the rest of the money my grandmother gave us. We waited for a little while for everyone else to get there. We ate more food. Opened gifts. And goofed off. It was fun being with my cousins.
being silly 
waiting on Timothy 
my grandmothers necklace with our birthstones 
my cricut holder 
with Brittany 
three amigos 
Nanny and Poppy 
love these girls 
sibling love 
only Amanda would take a pic upside down 
with Arron

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