Thursday, December 20, 2012

Secret Pal Christmas Party

December 19- I absolutely love my friends. I am incredibly blessed to have women in my life that encourage me. We live life. Through ups and downs. We try to go on vacation once a year together. We draw names at the beginning of the year and have Secret Pals throughout the year. At the end of the year we reveal those names. This year we had our party at a restaurant for lunch. It was fun getting to hang out with everyone outside of work. It's rare. So thankful for these fabulous women.
with Caseys son Wesley 
Casey K, Hannah, Casey P 
Casey P and Wanda 
me and Wanda 
Sade', Hannah, me, Casey K, Casey P 
me and Abby 
me and Sade' 
Jametra and Hannah 
Holly, Sade', Casey K 
Wesley, Wanda, Holly, Abby, Cindy, Pam 
Cindy, me, Pam 
Pam and Holly
Sade' and Casey P 
Casey K 
Casey P and I 
all of us- minus Casey P (she had to go back to work)

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