Sunday, September 22, 2013

Gender Reveal Party

One of my friends, Kristi, recently found out she is having her fourth baby. She loved the idea of a reveal party once that time came around. Our friend, Kristen, thought it would be great to throw her a shower/party. So let the planning begin. We involved some more of our friends to help out. The theme (thanks to Pintrest) became Mustache/Tutu.
They have two boys and a girl already. Her daughter is beyond hoping this baby is a girl too. In fact, they have only picked out a girl name. On Thursday, they went to the doctor and the picture was placed in a sealed envelope. Kristen was the only one who knew what the gender was. At the party, the kids sprayed colored silly string at their parents. The color was blue or pink according to the gender. It was a great party and it turned out super cute! I totally want to do this again.
The decorations turned out so good. 
There was a bouncy slide for the kids. 
Lots of friends to help celebrate.  
The kids were the ones to reveal the gender color. 
Silly, silly people. 
Another BOY for this fun and loving family coming in Feb.

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