Monday, November 4, 2013


Remember a long time ago that I wrote this post about fun things I was going to do this year. Yeah, I barely remember it either. I was catching up on some blogs. Actually reading them on a computer screen instead of just the mobile versions. I read a post about how she was checking off things from her yearly list. I took a gander back at mine. I will admit, I have only accomplished 4 so far. I am making an effort to work on a couple of more. I can hardly believe that I have been in such a fog this whole year. It's almost as though I am standing still and life happens all around me. Good thing I choose EMBRACE to be my word for the year, huh? Maybe, just maybe I can still accomplish 13 in 2013. I've got an updated list (including things I have already done):

1. Memorize 13 Bible Verses
2. Read 13 books
3. Go to an amusement park
4. See Hannah graduate high school
5. Complete a Bible study
6. Make a cricut project
7. Print a couple of photo books
8. Have the first year of my blog printed
9. Attend a women's conference
10. See Hunger Games opening weekend
11. "unplug" from social outlets for 24 straight hours
12. Finish a Pintrest project
13. Buy a clothing article in a smaller size.
Hoping to kick these in the rear in the next two months. Let's toast to that!

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