Sunday, March 9, 2014

Limbo Land

Ever felt as though the pastor was speaking directly to you? One on one? It happens a lot to me actually. But today's sermon went beyond the normal "that was for me". IT WAS JUST FOR ME! The place I've felt so stuck in for a long, long, long time-Limbo Land. Yep, that was the topic of today's great message. To know that I am not alone in my journey is so significant to me. Yet, it's up to me to allow others to walk this with me.
Here are some notes I took:
Heb. 10:19-25
Limbo is a confusing, frustrating, and exhausting place.
We will never live the life Christ intended for us in isolation.
Maybe you are not living in limbo, but someone in your life is.
The thing you need the most will be the furthest away and most difficult to get.
We let things slide because of a lack of energy.
We tend not know where to focus our energy.
We can go boldly because of Grace of God and our Trust in God.
Identity is not in your past or present. It's in your future.
Balance is a lie. If we wait on ideal, we miss the now.
Just because your world is crazy, doesn't mean you are crazy. Crazy people don't know they are crazy.
Live as if tomorrow is here.
The easiest thing for us to let slide is taking care of your soul.
Don't let what you can't do affect what you can do.
If you do not tend to your soul, you lose perspective. And it affects every part of your life.
We let slide how we prioritize our lives.
Getting healthy is never self centered.
We let slide how we use our influence.

The biggest part that spoke to me was about letting the care of my soul slide. For so long now, I have just done what is needed to get by. Just enough. And sometimes not even that much. It's been a struggle for me to allow myself to be fed spiritually over the past year. I've pushed it aside. In one ear and out the other. I know how important this part is in my life. And I'm finally allowing walls to be broken down in order to move forward.

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