Saturday, April 5, 2014

Bridal Brunch

One of my co-workers is getting married in May. She is the sweetest person. We hosted a bridal brunch for our shift. It was a lot of fun. I love being able to get together with friends outside of work. We are a family. We had food and Brittany got a few things for the honeymoon :)
This cutie joined us 
Breanna making french toast 
Casey looking at Breanna's guestbook, Ashley looked just in time 
He wanted to open the gifts 
so good 
isn't she gorgeous  
how many does it take to open a simple gift 
Brittany and Ashley 
Casey and Wesley 
Cindy and Brittany 
Brittany and Casey 
Jametra and Brittany 
Hannah and Brittany 
Brittany and I  
Breanna and Brittany 
trying to get W to take a picture 
Jametra and I 
still won't cooperate

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