Friday, July 18, 2014

Names of God Week 3

Typically, I tend to waver of course by now through other Bible studies. Life gets busy. Things happen. I am tired. Yet, here I am. I am sensing a fresh stirring in my spirit through this study. This week was no disappointment. I have learned so much. I was sharing some of those things with a friend and felt my excitement grow. I am being stretched outside of my comfort zone. And I'm okay with it.

Adonai- your Lord and Master
"Commitment to the will of God ought to be the norm for every one of His children!"

"Lord is more than a word; it indicates a relationship."

"Grasping the reality of His lordship could make all the difference in your understanding of true Christianity."

What part of my life am I not allowing God to have lordship over? Digging deep into my heart, I realize that not much of my life has been given to Him. By making Him Lord of my heart and life, I must lay aside everything in order to follow Him. Am I willing to lay it ALL down for Him?

Jehovah- to be, to become
"He is Jehovah, the self-existent, covenant keeping God."

"God revealed Himself to His covenant people as the unchanging God who remains faithful to His Word throughout many generations."

God had promised Abraham that the people would inhabit Canaan. This promise was fulfilled 400 years later. 400 years!!!! And I have a problem waiting a week for an answer. God never faltered or backed away from His covenant. He was faithful. Abraham passed on the covenant from generation to generations. The covenant was to be kept. Because of my impatience, I have missed God fulfilling promises in my life.

God told Moses to tell Israel that I AM has sent you. It was a sign of the covenant being fulfilled. Just this past Sunday, a pastor at church spoke about these very words. When Jesus was asked who He was, He replied "I AM". It's the only charge that Jesus responded to. He was the covenant fulfilled.

Jehovah-jireh- "The Lord will provide"
As many times as I have heard or studied the story of Abraham and Issac, I didn't expect to learn something new. I was wrong.

God knew of Abraham's love towards Issac. When God asked him to sacrifice him, he didn't hesitate. On their journey, Abraham and Issac went alone to worship God before joining the men again.

So many times, I try to worship corporately. When my spirit says it needs to get away from everyone and everything. To be alone with God and worship Him. It's what happens during that worship that allows me to be able to return to the journey of fellowship.

Abraham and Issac continued up the mountain. As promised, God provided the sacrifice- a ram. Because of his obedience, Abraham's seed was blessed into all the nations.

This week I have been very convicted about my lack of love, worship, and obedience being a hindrance to future generations.

As my Jehovah, God is faithful to keep His promises. As my Adonai, He is Lord of all. As my Jehovah-jireh, He will provide.


  1. I just love these words so much. Your heart for the Lord is inspiring, sweet girl. And I totally understand where you're coming from and feel the same way--I feel like I'm so stubborn with bits and pieces of my life and don't allow God to have full control over it. Why am I so selfish? Why do I think I know better? Because I don't. I've heard the story of Abraham over and over...but I saw it in a new light this week. And it has taught me some serious lessons on obedience--God has definitely convicted me. Thankful for you!

    1. I'm so glad that we are in this together! I love reading the thoughts of what others are saying. It brings a new light to what God is showing me.

  2. I love when you talked about your private worship fueling your fellowship. Thats exactly how it should be! Our worship pastor says every week that our corporate worship should be an overflow of our private devotion. That’s so convicting and challenging for me sometimes. Thanks so much for doing this study. So, so glad to read what the Lord is doing.