Thursday, July 31, 2014

Names of God: Week 4

Yes, this post is getting posted late. A week late. This past week has been difficult to say the least. A close and dear friend lost her husband. He had several strokes and was in the hospital for 16 days before he went home. Those are the exact words that I received in a text- David went home. We prayed for healing. We prayed for peace. We prayed for deliverance. We prayed for medical understanding. We prayed.

As a side note, on Friday as I was helping Chonda get dressed for the second night of visitation, there became a moment of "losing it". Not knowing how she could get through this. I did what came natural for us. I wrapped her in my arms. As we both had tears streaming down our faces, I began to voice the names of God over her. It was a special moment that I will never forget. The last thing I said to her (right then) was that God promised He is enough. He is I AM.

Our wounds are great. No matter where they are, they are great. Our sins, others' sins, and God's judgment all affect our sickness and healing.
Sin affects our spirits, and the spirit can cause sickness of our emotions and our bodies.

Only one Physician can heal the ills of our souls. Why look elsewhere? So often in my life I look to doctors and medicine for healing. I don't automatically turn to Jehovah-rapha. I want an answer to my illness. I want a solution. I want to be healed. Yet, what if God is allowing sickness so that He may be displayed?

Health, healing, and obedience go together. Over and over, Scripture shows that through the obedience of the people, God provides healing. (2Chron 7:14, Jer 30:15-17, John 5:5-8, 14) Is my disobedience prolonging my healing?
God always meets us at the point of our obedience. I know that through obedience to Him is where I find my healing.

One of the biggest things for me this week was about healing through counseling. Sometimes the counseling has been ineffective because the counslee simply would not walk in obedience to godly counsel. This has been proven over and over in my life. Arthur talks about how even counselors should seek Jehovah-rapha. They should seek to deal with the spiritual problem. I've been on both sides of this in my life. At times, I know that God has spoken to a therapist about what issues I needed to deal with. I've also experienced when a therapist doesn't seek godly direction from God. God often uses us as His instruments of healing. Yet, the instrument is powerless without the Physician's power.

God's healing goes far beyond just our physical bodies. He offers healing into every fiber of our being.


  1. This is so perfect. Crying. So thankful that the Lord has shown himself to you during this time, sweet friend. You are such a blessing to me!

    1. You are such a blessing to me!!! Thankful that God allowed our lives to be shared. Now, when can we schedule that coffee date? :)