Tuesday, July 21, 2009

My Sunday...

On Sunday I went to an early church service at The Orchard. Well, wouldn't you know that the topic for the next three weeks is something that I have been struggling deeply with. Intimacy. I know that a lot of people have issues with that subject, but I also know that my issues run really deep within who I am. The pastor truly spoke to my heart with his sermon. (I cried just about the whole time). He gave us a challenge to lay everything completely on the table and allow God to talk to us through the next 3 weeks. So that is what I am trying to do. To be completely honest with myself and with God. I like control and for me to give up the control and allow God to make changes within me is a hard thing to do at times. Trust is also a big deal for me. It's not something that comes easy for me at all. But I also know that I can't have God's best if I don't give Him all of me. So I am working on it.
Being single is hard for me right now. I always knew that I had things figured out. I would graduate from a Christian high school and college, then I would get married and have babies for the rest of my life. Well, God's ways are definitely not our ways. Things have not gone according to my plans. But looking back, I know that I've had to go through things in order to become who I am today. And that's okay.
So after I went to The Orchard, I also went to the 11 o'clock service at my church. And yet again, it was like God was speaking to me all over again. It never hurts to have a double dose of Jesus!
After church I was able to spend some quality time with my friend Toya. It was a long overdue afternoon. I am so glad that God has given her as a friend to me.
Well on Monday it was back to work that night for me...

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  1. that is awesome what God is teaching you cyndi!!