Monday, July 19, 2010

Priscilla Shirer and The Life Church

On Sunday I got up really early so that I could go to the 8:30 am service at The Life Church in Memphis.
Priscilla Shirer tweeted that she would be speaking here this weekend. I had seen articles, books, and other things that she has published; however, I have never heard her speak. So it seemed like a good idea. Through Twitter, she told me how to find out all the details of where she would be.
I got to the church a little early, and went on in. Now, please remember that besides meeting up with Kelly, I have been on this mini-vacation by myself. I went in and was greeted like I had been attending this church for years. Such a nice feeling. I sat down and people would come by and talk to me. At first it didn't look like many people would be there. But, once the service got started there were a few hundred people there. It turned out that Priscilla was in person another campus of the church. She was telecast through monitors was we could hear the message. And what an incredible message it was.

I have been struggling so much in my walk with God recently, and have felt more alone than I think ever. I don't feel as though I am getting what I need from the church I currently attend. I haven't attended church in a while. And I want to make excuses for it, I know that I truly don't have any. So I came into the service Sunday with a very heavy heart. Priscilla's message was so timely in my life. She talked about a Faith Place in our lives. The Faith Place is where we have given EVERYTHING we have and have yet to accomplish what God has for us to do. It's in that faith place that we must reach out and have faith that God will finish the work He started. She pointed out that God gives us over 8000 promises in the Bible; yet, He seldom places them in our hands. He places them within our reach. How many times in my life have I said no to God because I knew that I didn't have enough resources to complete the task. But I wasn't willing to give everything I do have and trust Him to complete this rest.
She talked about Elisha's last day of life. On his deathbed, the King comes to him for a "word from the Lord". Elisha tells the King to take up an arrow, and shoot it out the window. The arrows goes forth and Elisha claims it is now the Lord's arrow. Next he tells the King to take up the rest of his arrows and shoot them into the ground. The King only shoots 3 of the 6 arrows he has. Elisha says that there will be only 3 victories in battle. Because the King didn't obey, he only got what was put forth. If we don't give all we have, we will not receive all that God has for us. And I know that at the place I am in my life, I want ALL that God has for me. So I must now give my all, so that He will give His. Faith without works is dead and useless.
God used those few moments on a Sunday morning to allow me to see where in my life I have not trusted Him. Not allowed Him to fulfill what He wants to in me. It was a very humbling service. I even sat through the 10:00 service. The message was even better on my heart the second time. I am now reading Priscilla's book One In A Million. Truly can't wait to see what God has for me.

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  2. Cyndi, So happy to have stumbled upon your blog (via Kelly's Korner!) I would love to see Priscilla in person, but haven't had the opportunity...yet. I love the comment about promises and how so many times they are within our reach, but it takes faith to step out and claim them. I am now a follower and look forward to sharing life together. I would love for you to stop by my blog as well. I think we will be fast friends! :) Lana

  3. Cyndi,
    I'm soooo happy you came to The Life Church!!! We attend there...(actually we live there because my husband and I are going through DR right now and attend every service!) I haven't ventured off this page to explore your blog and see if you've come back to us, but if you haven't, just know this: We WOULD LOVE FOR YOU TO COME AND GET PLANTED! My name is Beth. You can go to my FB Page or blog so if you ever see me at church you can say hi and know you've got a friend! or