Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Chonda Turbo Retreat Day 1

It can be said that I love all things Chonda Pierce. And it would be true. I saw my first Chonda show in Tupelo at the Bancorp South Arena. I was 15 yrs old and still remember it. It was a time in my life that needed laughter, and that night I laughed. So I fell in love with Chonda a long time ago. So awhile back I signed up to be a Turbo host for Chonda. I wasn't able to attend the retreat last year, so I made it a point to go this year. And I am so glad I did. I am going to post about the weekend by days. Just because I want to. And I have LOTS of pictures and LOTS of things to say.
Day 1- Friday night
We were supposed to gather in the conference room at 7:00 that night. I didn't know anybody except Chonda. We played a "get to know you" game that was interesting. Chonda arrived and we had  a 50th birthday party for her and Alison (Turbo manager), Sandy (road manager), Meribeth (friend), Julie (friend), and David (Chonda's Hubby). It was so funny to watch these women have so much fun. Before the night was over, Chonda had devotion and prayer time with us. She shared the story of Jesus raising Lazarus from the dead. When Lazarus came out of the tomb, Jesus told the people to unwrap him. That is kinda like what our jobs as Turbos is for. We help unwrap Chonda so that she can come and minister to people. It was a very touching and eye opening experience. Then Chonda takes off her scarf and cuts each one of us a piece of it. A moment where God showed me servant hood.

The hotel is extremely gorgeous.
I loved the bathroom mirror
Chonda trying to let us hear Andy(her manager)
sing Happy Birthday
David telling a story
"It was a dark and stormy night"
The Birthday Girls
Sandy, Julie,Meribeth,Alison,Chonda
Opening Cards
My new friend Tina,
we were meant to be friends-so much in common
Chonda and I- I love her!
Meribeth and I
Julie and I
Chonda's new AARP card
Sharing a Piece of her with us

Friday night was great. Met lots of new people. Had a blast. Laughed a LOT.

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