Sunday, August 29, 2010

Chonda Turbo Retreat Day 2

This is a week late! But, taking the time to catch up now. This is a continuation from my last weekend fun at the Chonda Pierce Turbo Retreat.
On Saturday, we didn't have to be downstairs until 9:30. So why in the world was I up at 7:00? Oh well. We started the morning off by playing hand bells. Very interesting. Alison had us follow along to color instructed cards to a song. Many times we were off, but found our pace and actually played it well. It was an exercise to show us how us need each other to play the song (or help Chonda's ministry). And how we can't do everything ourselves. We had a great time with those hand bells. A lady named Pam was sitting beside me and we bonded-she sells Premier jewelry! We had a lesson on promoting Chonda on Facebook. Lunch was brought in, so we took a break. After lunch more teaching from Sandy and Pat was on the schedule. At some point, a lady in the back passes out. Her friends with her say it was because of her low blood pressure and it has happened before. They take her upstairs and tell us that she is coming to herself and seems to be fine. It wasn't 10 minutes later and the hotel manager was in doorway asking for me to come upstairs. I get up there and the lady is on the floor without a pulse/heart rate. I start CPR and after about 3 minutes I heard something pop. I knew at that moment that I had broken her rib. She finally comes back and can talk to me. The EMT's get there and load her up to go to the hospital. The Dr tells her that she was dead for over 3 minutes. All I can say is Praise the Lord. So after she is gone to the hospital, I go back down stairs to rejoin the group. We have an afternoon break. Another lady gets a phone call saying that her daughter and son-in-law have been in an accident and he was killed. Her daughter was being flown to the trauma unit. She had to leave and drive 10hrs home. A lot of things happened that Sat. Once the afternoon settled, I found a Target (imagine that). That night we had a Granny shower for Chonda. David came and helped her open gifts that we had brought. By the way- the lady I did CPR on was released and is doing fine. And the other lady's daughter is at home, but planning a burial for her husband. They had been married 3 wks. If you will, please pray for that family. They are going through a tough time right now, and need the love and peace that only Jesus can provide.
Now for a TON TON TON of pictures!!!!
Alison taking charge for Turbo Training
Hand bells that we had to play
to a song
Chonda doesn't follow directions well
Rick sang a funny "Man" song
Sandy (Chonda's road manager) and I
Before the Granny shower,
we played Chonda style Bingo
Shower cake
Nana has arrived
A sad story about a duck named Speckles
Pop's favorite gift
A sweet blanket that a lady mailed to the hotel
I made this picture frame- it was so easy
"A shot glass for babies"
I made a Nana scrapbook
So sweet- in love even after 27 years of marriage
The whole gang
Meribeth-She's so much fun!
At the shower
Kaylynn and I
Me, B.J.-the lady I did CPR on, and Rene'- she helped with CPR
The 50 yr olds again

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  1. cyndi wow! what an incredible story of God's power and how He worked through you! praise Him! and what a heartbreaking story about the married couple. besides that it sounds like you had a great trip!!