Friday, August 6, 2010


On Monday it was way too hot outside to even THINK about playing outdoors. So we tried to go bowling and it was closed. The kids had never been in Healthworks before, so off we went. They truly loved it. Much more than I thought. They were sad when I said it was time to go. It's a place for kids to interact with healthy life choices and learn more about their bodies. They have a brain show that tells how your brain works. It really is fun. It's cheap, inside, cool, and not crowded most days. We will be returning I'm sure. Especially since Anns told me this morning that she sure did enjoy that brain place.
  A huge brain and eyes welcome you!
Making music
Brush those teeth
Lifesize Operation
The worm in the apple
Big mouth
Dr. Nose it All
Pick Healthy Foods

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