Monday, November 8, 2010

Wild, Wild, Weekend...Part 1

I feel as though my weekend started last Thursday night. After I took T to school, I had some other things that I needed to do and had asked for the afternoon off. So I finished up those things and then headed to Nashville. Chonda had a very important show that night and I was going to work it. I had a blast as usual. Learned some things that night that are valuable life lessons. One of those is that no matter how "famous" people are, they are still human. And humans sin. End of story. We fail. We make mistakes. And sometimes that hurts other people even when we don't realize it. No, this has ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with Chonda before anybody asks. It was a great night of laughter, friends, and fun!!! Can't wait to do it again. HA!
Kaylynn and I "working" 
Chonda's friend Julie and her new boyfriend Ray
They are truly so sweet together.
Bone Hampton opened the show for Chonda.
This is his son Seattle 
If you don't come see Chonda live, you never these faces she makes 
Like, what is this face for? 
And reaching for the sky? 
MeriBeth and I
This is my new outfit I had gotten for this show.
It's a purple/pink colored dress with gray tights and gray boots.
I actually really loved this outfit, but we all know that I had them
boots off before the end of the night. And of course the earrings
and necklace matched as well.

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