Friday, December 31, 2010

Goals for 2011

In the past, I may have set some New Year resolutions. I can't remember a year that I have kept them. I'm also pretty posititve that i'm not the only person that breaks their goals. However, this year I am commiting to do better. So here is a goal list for 2011

- Read my Bible more. I want to fall deeper in love with Christ than ever before. I want to allow the Word of God to direct my life. I often fail miserbly in this area, but I'm committing my life to Christ. WHOLEHEARTLY!!!!
- To eat healthier and exercise more. I have some accountablity/help that I can rely on more this year. I am determinded to allow God to change me this year from the inside out.
- To love more. I hold back so many times, and I want to let go more often.
- To live more. To truly live my life as though tomorrow is not promised. Because it's really not.
- To stress less. HA!!!! I know that this is a big deal for me, but I want to let go of some things that are beyond my control.
- To travel. Some people think that I travel all the time. But in 2011, I want to see/visit places that I've never been.
- To blog more. I love the blogging community and want to be more involved.

I've learned that shorter goal are more acheivable than long term goals. I am working on a monthly goal checklist for myself. I want this new year to truly be the best ever. I want to be open to whatever God brings into my life. I pray that you have a blessed new year.

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