Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Some things never change

When I was in highschool, one of my best friends was AnnaCarmie. We were together all the time. I pretty much lived at her house my senior year. Her mom, Kim, is an incredible woman of God that I have looked up to for many years. I remember times when Kim would ask those hard life questions that I didn't want to answer. Somehow, she always made me answer though. She didn't just talk about living for God, but she lived it in front of us. If she told you she would pray about something, you didn't have to wonder if she really would; because, many times she would pray right then. I  didn't trust many adults at that point in my life, but Kim Waddle was one of the most stable people in my life at that time. Over the years, we both have gone down different paths. I still know that if I needed her, she would be there. We've been planning to get together for a while now. Well, last Thursday was open for both of us. So we met for dinner. We caught up on life and what all is going on in our lives. She needed to run to Lowes and somehow talked me into going with her. We got the corner rounder pieces that she needed and headed out. I must say that these things are about 12ft long and she bought six of them. Getting them into the SUV was not easy. They stretched all the way to the front and made it hard for me to get in. For some reason, she found this hilarious,. I did NOT!!! On the way back to my car, she asked if I had to be anywhere. I said no and she turns into Walmart. Now, here's the thing: Kim has a notebook with her 24/7. And I know what going to Walmart with her is like. I must admit it wasn't as bad as it has been before. I survived. I had a great night and am so thankful to have a woman like Kim in my life.
This is Kim. She's trying to figure out what she was looking for.
Me with all 6 of the corner rounders

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