Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Early Birthday

If you can't tell, my birthday is this month. It's the 28th. The past couple of years, I have embraced my birthday. And this year will be no different. I have plans for dinner at an incredible restaurant on the night of birthday. I knew that I wanted to save my money this month and buy an e-reader. I've looked at The Nook and The Kindle. After playing with someones Nook Color at work, I knew that's what I wanted.
I haven't been babysitting over the Christmas holidays and today was my first day back. Well this morning, Dr. Hill gave me an incredible early birthday gift. She gave me the Nook Color. I'm so blessed. I love it and I know I will use it so much. So a big THANK YOU SO MUCH to Dr.Hill and her family for my birthday gift.

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