Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Secret Pal Party

Last night, we had a party to reveal our secret pals from last year. We had a great time. It turned out that I had Hannah's name and she had mine. I love getting together with the girls from work outside of work. I think it helps our friendships. I love all these women dearly. Enjoy my night through pictures.
Kristen and I 
Hannah and I 
Looks like Carly loved this bag 
Jaycee made Sean laugh 
Kristen and Holly 
Jametra (actually smiled- I'm shocked)
Carly, Kristen, Holly 
Looks like Jametra needed a nap while Sade' grinned big 
Pam opened presents first 
Sean helped 
A Chocolate honey bun.  
Holly had Pam's name 
Anna had Kristen's name (Anna couldn't come)
Smelling the goods 
Good thing she owns a Harley 
Carly had Holly's name 
Cindy had Carly's name 
Lots of good gifts
Jametra had Cindy's name 
A movie that she has been wanting FOREVER
Sade' had Jametra's name 
Sade' and her Christmas tree cake
Abby had Sade's name 
Hannah with some gifts
I had Hannah's name 
I love this! Hannah made this for me. It's so my style 
Chip and dip bowls with a "C" 
I got a Zebra duffel bag. I love it.

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