Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Playing catch up

Life has just been kind of regular right now. Last Friday night, I took a good friend's 6 yr to see Justin Bieber's new movie. I have not really been following Justin's life or career. I will say that I have Bieber fever now. The movie was really good. There were lots of little girls singing and clapping. Keston knew all the songs as well. He now wants everything Justin has. His hair, his shoes, his clothes... It's kinda funny. It was a good night to make Keston so happy.
Isn't he so cute! And he made the perfect date.
I slept in on Saturday and spent my afternoon with Jametra. We went shopping and I found a great baby gift for a friend. On Sunday, it was back to work. Monday was Valentine's Day. I am so grateful for the love of friends and family. Most of all, I am so THANKFUL for the love of my Heavenly Father. He is love. Yesterday, I got Trey and we had lunch. Just the two of us. It was great hearing about what he's been up to. And today I've got a few errand to run, but otherwise just hanging out with Tay.
Trey at lunch 
Trey and Tay both feel asleep while waiting in the car line to pick up Anns. It was way too precious.

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