Monday, February 7, 2011

What a week...

I've been wanting to blog about something going on in my world right now, but haven't received the ok from the people in charge yet. But as soon as I do, look for a long post!

Last week was full of emotion for me. Lots of things going on. So here is a run down of my past week.
Monday: Spent the day with Tay. He is so smart. I have been trying to teach him his days of the week, months of the year, and counting to twenty. It is so funny listening to him and the way words come out. I love this part of my "job". At lunch I winked at him and he tried to wink back. I laughed so hard. It was a work night for me, so off to the hospital I went.
Tuesday: I spent 2 hours at the eye doctor. My vision hasn't changed any since last year. I got some new contacts and will be getting new classes. Sadly, that's all I remember doing on Tuesday. (Another reason I should blog daily) When I got home, I had a package waiting. I was thrilled!
I recently gave away two copies of Candace Cameron Bure's new book Reshaping it All. I was so happy when this came. It's a cd of her testimony and a personalized photo. You can get these on her site
Wednesday: Tay and I stayed home all day. I can tell you that I am so blessed. Dr. Hill had gone shoe shopping and found a pair of workout shoes I had been wanting to try. So I am now the proud new owner of the Sketcher's Tone Ups. I actually like these shoes a lot. Thanks Dr. Hill!
On Wednesday night, I drove to Houston, MS. One of my very best friends came in from SC, so I HAD to see her. Just felt like I needed to spend time with her. After church we went to McDonalds just to hang out and talk. It was so good to see her. I can't share everything that's going on, but please pray for her.
Thursday: I chose to sleep while Tay was at school. Imagine that. I went back to work at the hospital that night.
Friday: Stayed at home all day with Tay. More work at the hospital!
Saturday: Slept/layed in the bed all day till time to go to work again.
Sunday: I went over to Toya's mama's house to hang out with them and to watch the Super Bowl. GO Packers! It was so much fun to just laugh with friends.
London and I 
Toya and Coco 
Kizzy and Phillip 
Destiny and I 
London and Preston 
Toya and I

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  1. Sounds like you had a super busy week! Looking forward to your "long" post :)