Wednesday, February 23, 2011


I know that this is a post that I've been waiting to write. And it's not going to be as long as I once envisioned it. I have decided to change my life. It is a good change. I'm excited and nervous at the same time. A friend of mine ran the Nashville Country Music Half  Marathon last year on TobyMac's team. I was very inspired by this and decided to sign up for this year's marathon. So knowing that I would need to workout and train in order to do this. I got a personal trainer and we have been working at it every week. I must say that I am doing this that I never thought possible. It's amazing how much your body will adapt to. There have been days that I have wanted to quit and just give up, but then I remember that I have a goal in mind. So I press on. And I have faith in myself that I can do this. The marathon is April 30th. Please keep me in your prayers as I embrace this challenge and push myself further than I have ever before.

Also, if you've read my blog before, you may know that I LOVE The Biggest Loser. It's a show that changes people's lives. I am so "addicted". Well, I sent in my application for casting of season 12. This past week I received the information of a casting call nearby. On Saturday, Feb 26th, I will be standing in line in Nashville, TN to have a chance to be cast on Biggest Loser. It's a big deal. For me it is anyway. I would love this opportunity to drastically change my life. I will post again after the casting call. (If I can). Thanks to all the people that have gathered around me and supported me through this decision.


  1. HO-LY CRAP!!!
    Both pieces of news.
    The most I have ever done was a do a half marathon would be incredible (I use the fact that my 5K is a week after the big half marathon in the city as an excuse...every year).
    That is incredible and I am sending you love and light for both things!
    NOTHING is impossible.
    I do hope you keep us posted about your training as I am INCREDIBLY intrigued...any info would be appreciated.
    (all, or most, of my friends can seriously lace up their sneakers at this very moment and do a half marathon without any problem...not me...and interestingly enough I weigh less that them but they have the endurance and athleticism I have always envied!)

  2. I am so excited for Cyndi on both her big
    objectives. This girl will be able to do
    anything she sets her mind to!
    We have been "blog buddies" for a while
    and today she blessed me with a call . I live about 70
    miles from Nashville. It was so special to be able to
    talk to my sister in the Lord. We talked about how
    God always seems to put the right people in our
    lives at just the right time. I can tell by all her friends,
    that she is a blessing to all of us - do I hear an AMEN!
    Thank you for reaching out to me~Blessings