Wednesday, March 2, 2011

My training

I have received some emails, comments, and tweets about my weight loss/training. I hadn't really planned on blogging about it a whole lot. But I am a firm believer that God will use your story to help someone else. With the half marathon exactly 60 days from now, I must really dig my heels in deeper. So I will "try" to blog daily about my workouts and training. So far with my trainer, Drew, I have yet to do the same workout. Here is some advice he gave when we first started training:
*Don't do the same workout everyday. If you keep doing the same thing over and over,your body begins to expect it. By keeping your muscles guessing, you will burn more calories with each workout.
For me, I struggle the most with resistant training and weights, so Drew and I work on those things during our sessions. On the other days, I focus on cardio. The gym I go to has four main cardio machines. I do a different one each time. Drew pushes me with inclines and speed. It helps to have someone their to encourage you and push you beyond what you feel you are capable of. Even if it's a friend or someone at the gym. It's become important to me to lean on support.
*Don't work out everyday of the week. Give yourself a day off. You and your muscles need a break.
* WATER, WATER, WATER!!!! It's so important to hydrate.
*Eating healthy is a must. What goes into your body is as important as the sweat that comes out of your body. Some people say they have a cheat day, where they eat whatever they want. Drew suggest eating what you want for two meals during the week. But don't go overboard with it.

So far today, I did a kickboxing workout with Drew this morning and will do cardio later today. Hope some of this helps someone.

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