Thursday, March 10, 2011

Workouts and a big day

On Monday, I met with Drew. He had me doing machine workouts. I did 8 different machines working arms and legs. I did 10 reps of each. Then I repeated. Only after each round Drew added weight. It was a struggle after each round. But, I did it!! Then I had to walk from the back to the front of the gym with a band around my ankle. I had to do step ups with a weighted ball. And finished will wall squats with a ball behind my back. Tuesday I took the day off. And today, I did a 45 min treadmill workout with Drew. He would increase the speed and incline. He had me walking between 3.0-3.5 speed and inclines up to 6.5 I have been trying to focus on something else while I workout when it gets to hard. I found that it helps me think beyond how my body feels. My legs burned. My heart was bounding in my ears. Sweat was running down my face. But when it ended, I had burned 600 calories. Well worth it! I am glad that I pressed through. After my workout, Tay and I went to the mall to pick up a gift. I love days out with him. He makes me laugh so much with the funny things that he says and the questions he ask. I walked on the treadmill at his house for 30 min before lunch. He said he wanted to use the treadmill as a road for his truck. Yea. The joys of keeping a 2yr old boy. I love it. 
He's new puppy Ruffy
So cute!
Another big thing happened in Tay's life. He through away all his sippy cups. He was only getting them at night. It was time. He hasn't been getting them for the past week. On Monday, it was time to throw them away. So I had him get them out of the cabinet, put them in a bag, and throw them away. It was a very proud moment. He was so funny. He didn't really want to at first, but I built up the " You are a big boy". It went well and he was proud of himself. A good day indeed.
Getting them out of the cabinet
I love his eyes
All gone!
He's not a baby anymore. Most definitely a big boy.

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