Friday, April 15, 2011

Cyndi's reading list

Over at Kelly's, she's hosting Show Us Your Life. Today it's all about books you are reading. I happen to love this subject so much. I love to read. I love Christian fiction and self-help books the most. The most important book that I don't read enough of is The Bible. I know that I need to do better in that area and am striving toward that. (More about that later)
I have recently read some FABULOUS books that I would recommend. And I have so many that are on my list to read. I am not buying books nearly as much now that I have a Nook. It's so much easier for me to read them on the Nook. As long as she continues to write and has books in stores, I will always buy Karen Kingsbury's books to have. I am almost done collecting all of hers. I absolutely LOVE her writing as well as her heart. She is such an incredible woman of God. Other's I will mostly likely to be buying on the Nook.
Some books that I have read recently:
This is the first book in the Bailey Flanigan series. To get the full story line, start with the Redemption Series. Incredible!
Kristen Welch wrote this book. It's a devotional book for busy moms. I know that I am not a mom, but as a full time nanny, there are many days that I feel like one. I ordered this book from Amazon and could not put it down. Honestly, it has made me think so much about how I desire for a more intimate relationship with God. It's made me laugh. And at times, it's stirred my heart beyond what I wanted it to. All the profits from this book go to The Mercy House. It would make a great gift as well.
Some books (and I have a LOT) that are either on my shelves or downloaded on my Nook:

I'm excited to start these books. I know personally the power that words can have in my life. I am hoping to fill my heart and soul with words that are going to help me press toward the prize waiting for me. Please link up with Kelly, so that we can share in the journey of reading!
Have a great day!


  1. Great book list! You have a sweet blog and I am now your newest follower :)

  2. Found your blog through Kellyskorner! Am now following! Would love for you to check out my blog and follow back!

  3. Hello! Thank you for commenting over at Yoga Gal. :D

    I was looking at the Nook in comparison to a Kindle last night. Amazon is so user friendly, is B&N's website easy to use? I really am looking for an eReader versus a Tablet.

    Have a great weekend- I LOVE the colors and design of your blog! :D

  4. A lot of people have Plan B on there reading list. I will have to check that out!!